The Races of Starfire

In the known and explored worlds, there are many species. This basic description and breakdown highlight the ones that you are most common to interact with, or are most likely to be player character species. They are divided into three sections: The Concordant Races, an Alliance of Races working mostly together under one governing body; The Unaligned Factions, races in it for themselves and their own means; and The Minor Races and Species, beings generally considered rare, unimportant, or that are generally found only on their homeworld, though exceptions exist of course. Most player characters should come from The Concordant Races, but like all other things, exceptions may exist.

The Concordant Races_________________
The Concordant Races have been a strong alliance for the last 1500 years, since soon after the Terrans first became a truly space-faring civilization. Originally standing for equality, the Concordance has changed over time, and is now far from the pure thing it once was. Many within it’s boundaries still try and uphold the original ideals of the Concordance, but as the influence of the Concordance has spread and expanded, this has become fare more difficult.

Terrans (Human) -
Terran civilization is a mainstay of the Starfire universe. There aren’t many places you can go without meeting human beings. They cover all walks of life, from the poorest and most destitute to the richest and most powerful in the Concordance. Though technically the second youngest of the Concordant Races, they bring change wherever they go.

The Ela’
The Ela’ are a highly advanced race broken up into three castes.
Ela’Drin (Eladrin) – The nobleborn among the Ela’, the Drin caste generally produces the Artisans, the Generals, the Politicians and the High Priests. They are the Highest Caste among the Ela’.
Ela’Veir (Elves) – The Veir caste makes up the greatest number of “middle class” members of the Ela’ civilization. They are the Apprentices, Crafters, Soldiers and Clerks to the Drin caste’s higherborn callings.
Ela’Ghol (Drow) – The Ghol caste are the downtrodden among the Ela’, only quite recently having been given equal status as their Veir and Drin brothers. Formerly slaves and laborers, they are new to freedom and their potential still remains untapped.

The Drogan (Dwarves) -
The Drogan are travelers. Having no homeworld of their own anymore, the majority move in the empty space aboard large familial ships as travelling traders, men for hire, and workers. The Drogan mined their homeworld for every natural resource and bled it dry and then took to the sky. Some have settled on other worlds where they make a living doing what work they can, while other entire families have become corporations of trading goods and remain quite wealthy.

The C’thali (Tieflings) -
The C’thali used to be Terrans centuries ago. A group of separatists that wanted to distance themselves from the Terran government struck out on their own to settle an unexplored region of space, but found themselves the target of a corrupt Human politician’s vengeance. He paid the Tolas to corrupt their newly settled planet with a biogenic weapon. The Tolas used the opportunity to instead “test” a new metagenic plague on the people, causing all the people of the new settlement(all three million) to mutate into the current C’thali form. Though honorable, they are often feared due to their demonic appearance. They despise the Tolasi and all they stand for.

The Kow’A’Tel (Dragonborn) -
The Kow’A’Tel are descended from one of two species of great lizards that once roamed the lands of their homeworld. While the Kow’A’Tel grew more and more intelligent and humanoid, their twin race became even more savage but intelligent great lizards that have since learned to be devious. The Kow’A’Tel are the third oldest of the races, after the Archons and the Ela. The Kow’A’Tel are highly respected and intelligent among the other races, and were one of the first races to help foster the newly spaceborn Terran civilization over 1500 years ago.

The Archons (Deva) -
The oldest of the Concordant races, the Archons are wise, strong, and have technology and power beyond anything the other races can truly grasp. However, they also keep very much to themselves. Though they were part of the founding council of the Concordance, in recent centuries they have mostly withdrawn to their own borders. Seeing an Archon walking around nowadays is nearly unheard of, and if one is spotted it’s considered something of a bad omen.

The Forged (Warforged) -
The Forged are bio-mechanical artificial intelligence droids created by the Archons several millennium ago for use as guards, workers and general work tasks. Over time, the spark of life the Archons infused them with became a life all it’s own, and just over 200 years ago, the Forged asked to be freed. The Archons, being an enlightened and generally nurturing race, freed them without question. Since then, the Forged have been making themselves a path in the universe and are now as accepted as any other citizen of the Concordance.

The Unaligned Factions_________________

The Tolasi
The Tolas and Teshar together make up two halves of one race.
Tolas (Halflings) – The Tolas are small, childlike, unassuming, and downright vicious. All Tolas are male. They are geniuses, specializing in the manipulation of DNA and Medical Sciences. They despise all other races not of their own or their own creation, though are not outwardly hostile. They prefer to keep things close to the chest and work behind the scenes to further their goals.
Teshar (Gnomes) – The Teshar are small, childlike, quiet and fairly docile. All Teshar are female. They are genetically altered during their childhood years to be all but emotionally neutered. While intelligent, they often have no opinion of their own about their surroundings and are subservient at all times to the Tolas.
The Veiled (Changelings) – The Veiled are the current pinnacle of Tolasi ingenuity. They are the ultimate spies and agents of the Tolasi Hierarchy. They are shapeshifters, able to take on the forms of most anyone they want. They are intelligent to their programming, but their programming is of Tolasi design and they are programmed to obey and revere the Tolasi above all else. They have no true will of their own.
E’malz (Shifters) – The E’malz are Terran/Animal genetic hybrids that the Tolasi use as muscle. They are often vicious and primitive. They rely on their animalistic traits combined with near Terran intelligence to make them dangerous. They cannot break the Tolasi hold on them as they are dependent on the Tolasi for the addictive drug that keeps them alive. They refer to themselves as E’malz as a title of honor, as it is short for Animals and they are animals at the heart of themselves.
The Rejuck (Half Orcs) – The original “E’malz”, the Rejuck(a badly pronounced form of the word “Rejects”) were the initial batch of Terran/Animal genetic hybrids that the Tolasi used for muscle. With the development of the E’malz, the Rejuck became obsolete and so are now little more than labor slaves for the Tolasi. They tend to have very primitive intelligence, being able to do tasks they are taught and little else.

The Shadar (Shadar’Kai) –
The Shadar are passionate hedonists, often living as mercenaries and guns for hire. They rarely care anything for other races laws or customs, choosing instead to relish every act of life they can. They are extremists, addicts, and easily distracted, always looking for the next new sensation. They are, however, accomplished fighters, dangerous to a point. They are also exceptionally long lived….naturally. Though… that rarely ever happens as most Shadar die in combat, or from excess. Living a quiet life would be a Shadar’s worst nightmare. They call themselves Death’s Children.

The Vrokal (Goliath) -
Natural hunters, all. They travel either individually or in small groups aboard small, mobile and heavily armed ships. They live for the hunt, and will hunt anything, from Tiger to Terran, for either the glory or the price on it’s head. Many become bounty hunters, but some of the more strict and isolationist clans view this as dishonorable to their purpose. The Vrokal are hunters at the heart of what they are.

The Medea (Kalashtar) –
Talented mind benders and manipulators, the Medea often serve others as advisors and weapons…. but in the end, they always are only serving themselves and their people. They are the clever council behind politicians. Puppet masters, choosing to act through others as often as possible. They don’t believe in such foolish things as honor, preferring only their hunger for power and influence.

The Dhampyr (Dhampyr) -
They are called “The Tainted” by many of the other races, but they call themselves The Dhampyr. They are not a race, strictly speaking. They are of many races, all of the same affliction. No one remembers where the affliction came from, but many now have it. They are Blood Drinkers, what ancient Terran legends called “Vampires.” They live under a curse, but it doesn’t end there. Because of their thirst, they are treated by all with equal disdain. The Dhampyr run their own enterprises their own way and care not for the limited thinking of the other races in such black and white ways. Many of them live in permanent “shades of grey”.

Minor Races and Species_________________

The Genasi (Genasi) -

The Zerai (Githzerai) -

The Wilden (Wilden) -

The Kraline (Shardminds) -


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