House Rules

1. Weapon Expertise – At level 5, 15, and 25, all players gain a stacking +1 bonus to Attack, as if they had taken the Weapon Expertise feat.

2. Paragon Defenses – At level 11, all players gain the feat Paragon Defenses ( A +1 bonus to all Saves )

3. Automatic Success Tokens – At the beginning of each session, you will be given a token that signifies one non-critical success to be used at any time you want. When you use and turn that token in, it becomes mine until you reach a milestone. During my possession of it, I may use it at my discretion to maximize the damage of any one monster attack. If I do, you will receive it back at that time. If I accumulate more than one at a time, I will return the one that has longest been in my possession.

4. Healing Potions – Healing Potions do NOT use healing surges. This eliminates the problem of not being able to “drink a potion” if you don’t have a healing surge available. To counter the problem of players stockpiling potions, you may carry no more than 3 on you at any one time.

5. Magic Items – At each level, you will be given 3 points. Each of those points represents 1 level of magic item. These points are to be divvied up between your weapon/implement, armor, and neck slots. So, at level 3 you have 9 points with which to “purchase” your base magical items. You may only used magical items up to 3(H)/4(P)/5(E) levels higher than you are, so at level 3, your max level of any 1 item is 6 and would cost you 6 points.

House Rules

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