Save it for the rubes

Everyone, save skexx, got dressed up as guards and worked their way down to the armory. They pretended to be escorting
Skexx to the brig and were checking in his weapon. While the the head gaurd was checking their story they unleashed hell quickly slaughtering the guards. Sadly they set off an alarm and after turning it off they were rather unconvincing in attempting to assuage the rest of the security on the station suspicions. So they setup a booby trap which would also disable the turbo lift. Skexx proceeded to hack into the system to lock down the barracks and the area where they were.  They proceeded to duck out a side door and found a duffel full of unused credit sticks as well as several weapons and more explosives. They found the stairs leading to tthe barracks and fooled some of the of the locked up guards they were trying to rescue them thus they were standing behind the door when they triggered an explosion. They took the time to take out the rest of the locked up guards room by room.

They found their way to main lift and headed to the top floor. They were stopped by the security system. They worked quickly to subvert the trap. Eventually locking in all 3 codes. When they reached the top of the lift they were surrounded by guards and a new enemy appeared. Baring the symbol of the Judge. She hadn't expect much of them and thus ignored them at first, commanding Captain dickface and his men to deal with them. Dickface's men moved toward the group. Fraex, annoyed by the judge's impertince, launched his weapon through the forcefield protecting Dickface and the judge. The hit the judge square in the face. Fraex then activated the site to site transport on his weapon bringing it back to his hand and the judge along with it. Skexx attack the judge feroiously inconjunction with Tiefling. Jade worked on harassing the guards in the room to keep them at bay. Sparky keep the group safe from harm. Soon Fraex dropped the judge and everyone mopped up the rest of the lackies.

Sattle Up, Space Cowboy.

A group of malcontents was brought together to help build the a resistence against the current corrupt regime.

Their first task was to gain the support of a particular planet. So they took a merchant's ship for their cover. 

They were stopped at a government outpost and forced through the usual motions of presenting their traveling papers. Their ship was instantly maglocked when they docked.

They were greeted by the outpost's bureaucrat commander and two of his guards. He asked them to wait while their papers cleared. Skexx thinking that taking on that many guards at once time would be a bad idea, decided causing a ruckus elsewhere on the outpost was the best plan of action. So, he asked for everyone to be escorted to Food Commisary. Once they entered the large mess hall they caught the gaurds escorting them by surprise and managed to kill them. One of the soliders already in the mess sent out an emergency call before meeting his fate. The Tiefling in the group managed to convince the security station that she was one of the gaurds reporting in and that one of the group had only gotten into a fight with one of the workers who spilled food on his shoes. 

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